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The HEADLINE logo is one of our most recognizable corporate symbols. Its unique qualities are derived in part, from the history surrounding the name. HEADLINE was originally solely conceived as a news platform. As the company grew the HEADLINE logo grew and matured as well. The HEADLINE brand name and logo are now synonymous with unbiased perspectives and branding in finance, media, and emerging digital ecosystems.


The H-Type

The modern iteration of the H-Type logo was created specifically to address several unique environmental factors. For one, the H letter is notoriously difficult to scale. Especially at favicon size (32 x 32), etc, the center gap will inevitably pull in one direction or the other. The modern H-Type logo is a solution to favicon scalability, maintaining central position at all sizes.

The H-Type logo was carefully designed for optimal scaling.

H-Type is fully custom, originally converted from the excellent Libre Franklin font.

IBM h-type logo drawn on grid

Reversed H-Type

The H-Type logo was designed to work well against light and dark backgrounds.

IBM h-type logo on grid, reversed

Positive and Reversed

Special care was given to the degree at which the central arch falls off, sloping down at a precise measurement.

Design Requirements

Before using the H-Type logo in cobranded ventures or other enterpise, it is recommended that you see input/insight from the HEADLINE organization. We can provide guidance on when and where the H-Type logo can be displayed [insert current year].

proper placement of h-type logo


The H-Type logo and corresponding color palette have been carefully selected for optimal visibility and accessibility. As digital publishers, it is critical that we emphasize accessibility whenever possible.

core color palette