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The all-new HEADLINE color palette reinvents our unique brand and represents a shift to contemporary asthetics. This color transforation is in lock-step with our transition from a single project company to a multi-industry corporation navigating the 21st century digital world.

Blue to the bone

A brilliant set of blues is the foundation of our new color palette. We completely removed the red and crimson from previous logos and refocused on cool colors (gray, blue, purple). We also continue to emphasize the minimalist nature of black and white; muted backgrounds are key design elements for HEADLINE’s digital UX.

The palette

The full HEADLINE palette extends beyond the blue family, reaching up to purple, and down to gray. We believe it is essential that our color scheme has reaches the full spectrum of accesible colors. Accesibility always, from the top down.


One gray family is not enough for HEADLINE. We believe that extending the range beyond standard gray gives designers flexibility to work with subtelty and nuance. Our gray spectrum includes standard gray, warm gray, and cool gray.


Each of the 6 HEADLINE color families have been patitioned into 10 swatches ranging from light to dark. RGB and HEX values are provided for digital applications along with Pantone® and CMYK values for print.

purple 1001c0f30
purple 9031135e
purple 80491d8b
purple 706929c4
purple 608a3ffc
purple 50a56eff
purple 40be95ff
purple 30d4bbff
purple 20e8daff
purple 10f6f2ff
blue 100001141
blue 90001d6c
blue 80002d9c
blue 700043ce
blue 600f62fe
blue 504589ff
blue 4078a9ff
blue 30a6c8ff
blue 20d0e2ff
blue 10edf5ff
teal 100081a1c
teal 90022b30
teal 80004144
teal 70005d5d
teal 60007d79
teal 50009d9a
teal 4008bdba
teal 303ddbd9
teal 209ef0f0
teal 10d9fbfb
cool gray 100121619
cool gray 9021272a
cool gray 80343a3f
cool gray 704d5358
cool gray 60697077
cool gray 50878d96
cool gray 40a2a9b0
cool gray 30c1c7cd
cool gray 20dde1e6
cool gray 10f2f4f8
gray 100161616
gray 90262626
gray 80393939
gray 70525252
gray 606f6f6f
gray 508d8d8d
gray 40a8a8a8
gray 30c6c6c6
gray 20e0e0e0
gray 10f4f4f4
warm gray 100171414
warm gray 90272525
warm gray 803c3838
warm gray 70565151
warm gray 60726e6e
warm gray 508f8b8b
warm gray 40ada8a8
warm gray 30cac5c4
warm gray 20e5e0df
warm gray 10f7f3f2