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Reddit is the living, breathing, beating heart of HEADLINE. This page is dedicated to the Reddit sub where it all started: The community-controlled Subreddit for the Algorand blockchain and cryptocurrency.

(For the HEADLINE Crypto subreddit please visit HEADLINE Crypto)


When any startup is trying to get off the ground, it is incredibly important that the startup team has a strong support system. This not only serves to provide ongoing encouragement, but also to deliver much needed feedback throughout the project development process.

The community-run Algorand subreddit did exactly that for HEADLINE founder Aaron Martinez and his team. It is quite possible that without the consistent and unyielding support of the community-run Algorand subreddit, the HEADLINE project would have never reached its first milestone.


Aaron Martinez discovered the Algorand blockchain after an exhaustive process to find the strongest platform to launch crypto projects. After settling on Algorand, Martinez reached out to various communities within the Algorand ecosystem.

He stumbled upon the community-run Algorand sub by accident. The rest is history.

Before Algorand takes over the world.

The following is the first post by HEADLINE founder Aaron Martinez in the Algorand Community Subreddit in early 2021. The HEADLINE project has changed significantly since this post was made and should not be read as an up-to-date statement.

When Bitcoin and then Ethereum dominated the space, I always kicked myself for making it to the party late. The bleeding edge engineers and early adopters commanded a huge advantage (market share). But with Algorand, which I believe will overtake Ethereum as THE payments crypto, I made it to the party so early that applications for the tech haven’t even been built yet (Voyager and others are scrambling to add ASA support).

I was recently watching the Milan presentation that Silvio Micali gave back in 2018, outlining his vision for Algorand. He laid out a bold plan where Algorand could scale to a £trillion + currency with a billion active addresses. And now I’m all in. I believe Algo has steadily lined up the chips to make Micali’s vision a reality.

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself to the Reddit Algo community as one of the First-Mover third-party developers actively working with the Algorand blockchain. The ASA I’m building will (potentially) be one of the first ASAs listed on exchanges and I will be giving away a percentage via airdrop to all my fellow First-Movers out there. Details to follow. Take care!


Many of the day-to-day communications between the HEADLINE leadership team and supporters have moved to the HEADLINE Crypto subreddit. But Martinez still makes a point to share certain exclusive updates and insights first with the Algorand community sub.

Going forward, the HEADLINE team will continue to provide the Algorand community sub with first-take insights and other development updates.

Callbacks to where it all started

Below are a collection of potential ways the HEADLINE team may add shoutouts/callbacks/etc. to recognize the Algorand community sub for their support.

  • A series of NFTs with links to HEADLINE historic data in the Algorand sub
  • Easter eggs in the codebase of upcoming HEADLINE projects linking back to the Algorand sub
  • Exclusive first-look access to product rollouts for members of the Algorand community sub

Visit the Algorand Community Sub

Follow the link below to leave HEADLINE INC and visit the Algorand community on Reddit.