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Interested in becoming one of the first AlgoFund DAOs? Please fill out the form provided and your application will be logged in our system. For additional info you may send email correspondence to HEADLINE Admin.

Please read AlgoFund rules before applying! Failure to strictly adhere to the AlgoFund rules may impact your ability to claim AlgoFund DAO grants.

Here you will find answers to common questions about HEADLINE’s AlgoFund program.

AlgoFund FAQ

  • HEADLINE is building a DAO grants program to support DAO creation and infrastructure on Algorand. For our inaugural fund, we are contributing 5,000 Algo total to 10 DAOs that participate in the AlgoFund program.
  • DAOs that participate in the AlgoFund program must integrate AlgoVote into their governance procedures, offer feedback on the AlgoVote tooling, and make at least one PR to the open-source AlgoVote codebase.
  • We will allow 7 days for DAO applications and then review applicants based on project maturity and strength of mission objective.
  • Yes. AlgoFund will offer ongoing support to selected DAOs that participate in the program. Continuing project participants will have additional qualification requirements.

AlgoFund Application