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Open Bounties

Interested in claiming an Open Bounty from HEADLINE INC? Please fill out the form provided with details about your proposed bounty and we will discuss it with you. For additional info you may send email correspondence to HEADLINE Admin.

Please read Open Bounties rules before applying! Failure to strictly adhere to the Open Bounties rules may impact your ability to claim HEADLINE Open Bounties.

Here you will find answers to common questions about HEADLINE’s Open Bounties program.

Open Bounties FAQ

  • HEADLINE is building an innovative bounties solution for Algorand developers. Open Bounties is a program where Algorand developers can propose a bounty and propose a fee structure. Build what you want. Get paid what you deserve!
  • Open Bounties are paid to Algorand developers that succesfully deliver the solution or application as agreed upon. There is significant flexibility with the fee structure.
  • We will review Open Bounties proposals and select the ones that offer the most compelling synergy oppurtunities with HEADLINE's current and future application suite.
  • Yes! Developers that succesfully deliver Open Bounties will have the oppurtunity to work with HEADLINE on many projects going forward.

Proposal Form