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Userbase Statistics

HEADLINE’s growth is visible through our transparent metrics. We believe that statistics can be very valuable to the community and for the growth of a start-up.


The HEADLINE Crypto Twitter is our way of reaching the masses.

  • Verification: Coming soon
  • 193 Tweets and counting


The HEADLINE Crypto Subreddit is our bread and butter. This is where we can engage in quality conversation with our community, ask important questions, deliver detailed updates and grow with our community.

  • 1,600+ Trailblazers
  • Hundreds of project updates
  • 50,000+ Monthly Pageviews
  • 42,225 ranked Subreddit


DISPATCH is HEADLINE INC’s weekly newsletter. We provide weekly updates, insight, and input from each team member.

  • 1,967 subscribers
  • 40.55% Open Rate
  • 5.3% Click-Through Rate


Discord can be very useful for deep conversations and lengthy questions about the project. Similar to the subreddit, We answer many long form questions on Discord.

  • 172 Trailblazers and ever-growing