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Our network of strategic and general partners make up the lion’s share of HEADLINE’s efficiency backbone. We believe in the power of collaboration, offering ongoing tangible and intangible support to our partner firms.

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Strategic partners

HEADLINE has four signature brands which comprise of a parent—HEADLINE INC, and three subsidiaries. These signature branches include HEADLINE Crypto, HEADLINE Design, and HEADLINE News. Beyond development of the signature brands, HEADLINE is also heavily invested in several key ventures. These integrated projects include PIPELINE-UI, FORUM, Libra Network, and H-Link.

The Big 3


Algorand is a Boston-based open-source software company working towards building a borderless economy. They’ve developed a permissionless Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol with open participation, scalability, security, and transaction finality. The Algorand protocol supports the creation of on-chain assets that benefit from the same security, compatibility, speed, and ease of use as the Algo. The official name for assets on Algorand is Algorand Standard Assets (ASA). HEADLINE (HDL) is a verified asset on the Algorand blockchain.

The Algorand Foundation sponsored HEADLINE in May of 2021, along with a development award. HEADLINEwas contracted to build a SaaS Blockchain App Development Library. The project that came out of it was massive. 8 weeks after we began our milestone program with Algorand, we unveiled PIPELINE-UI, a groundbreaking utility for the development of blockchain applications.

Texas Blockchain Council

The Texas Blockchain Council’s mission is to promote blockchain technology initiatives that drive growth and benefit the citizens of Texas. With the influence of their members, the Council advocates for blockchain-centric public policies, to educate members of government about the benefits of blockchain and provide subject-matter expertise on topics related to blockchain, virtual currency, and distributed ledger technology. “If Wyoming can do it, why not Texas.” — Lee Bratcher, President


Ledger provides security and infrastructure solutions to critical digital assets for consumers and institutional investors. Ledger has sold over 3 million hardware wallets in total. Over 1.5 million people use Ledger Live, the company’s platform for managing crypto assets, each month. According to the firm, it now holds almost 15% of all cryptocurrency assets globally. “Ledger is one of the blockchain industry’s most respected, senior firms. Full integration with Ledger Live has been a top priority for HEADLINE users and investors since the project’s inception. Today we are thrilled to announce this partnership with Ledger, and we look forward to collaborating with Ledger’s world-class dev team on a number of enterprise-centric technical projects down the pipeline.”

  • Aaron Martinez


HEADLINE’s stable of affiliate partners, products, and tools are instrumental in all of our project ambitions.

Key Integrations

Compatibility of network endpoints is critical to our mission. Before adding new tools to our toolbox, we conduct extensive research. HEADLINE developers will demo numerous products before locking one in.

Latest Enterprise Add-ons


Cognito is a frictionless, modern identity verification that starts with just a phone number. Cognito will provide HEADLINE INC with secure identification services and KYC/AML compliance.


Circle is a blockchain-focused financial services and payments company launched in 2013. HEADLINE utilizes Circle as our fiat on-and-off ramp of choice.


Scalar is the leading independent valuation firm for tax, financial reporting, transaction advisory, and litigation purposes. Scalar empowers business leaders to make informed and effective decisions through meticulous valuations, insightful consultations, and active client engagement.