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Our corporate structure is awesome. Comprised of the front office, signature brands, and key projects in production and development.


HEADLINE has four primary brands which comprise a front office—HEADLINE INC, and three subsidiaries. The signature subsidiaries include HEADLINE Crypto, HEADLINE Design, and HEADLINE News. Beyond the signature brands, HEADLINE development is focused on several key areas. These high-value areas include javascript tooling, social media, machine learning, and intranet services. The HEADLINE projects in these areas include PIPELINE-UI, FORUM, Libra Network, and H-Link.

Front Office


HEADLINE INC is the legal entity that manages all aspects of the HEADLINE company of brands. Beyond management, HEADLINE INC has several specific roles within the organization. Central hub, front office, investor relations, long-term planning, standards.

Signature Brands


The role of HEADLINE Crypto is particularly unique within the larger HEADLINE organization. Because the majority of HEADLINE’s support and clients currently exist within the blockchain space, HEADLINE Crypto operates as the community hub for the company. In addition to pure social capital, HEADLINE Crypto is responsible for managing and maintaining the experimental HDL token.


News generation is at the center of HEADLINE’s long-term aspirations. The entire HEADLINE company began as a news media group and our commitment to unbiased news will continue to drive innovation.


HEADLINE Design is the creative hub of the HEADLINE organization. In addition to building and maintaining HEADLINE’s core websites, HEADLINE Design is the software-as-a-service revenue generator for the company.

Key Projects


PIPELINE-UI is an award-winning React.js development suite on the Algorand blockchain. Built by HEADLINE Design in collaboration with the Algorand Foundation, PIPELINE-UI has the potential to fundamentally transform the developer onboarding process across blockchains and networks.


First conceived as an add-on to the HEADLINE News arm of HEADLINE, FORUM has grown into a major social media project that figures heavily into the company’s long-term plan.

Libra Network

HEADLINE operates at the crossroads of multiple industries and technology movements. Libra Network is HEADLINE’s proprietary AI model, first conceived as a bias-grading tool. Libra will also serve as the primary moderator of FORUM.

H-Link is our newest project, currently in early-stage R&D. We envision H-Link as a proprietary intranet for HEADLINE team members, combining administration, time-management, information sharing, rewards system, and other exciting possibilities.

Future Structures

HEADLINE has begun the exploratory process of adding several additional structures to the company. Under consideration: HEADLINE Foundation, HEADLINE Incubator, HEADLINE Brokers.