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Parallel Trajectory

Our go-to-market strategy creates a cohesive operational mesh, dramatically reducing production time by spinning-up networks in multiple industries simultaneously. The Mesh Strategy expedites and validates project blueprints—a process that validates our consistency methodology. This strategy can be applied company-wide, handling larger and larger HEADLINE projects from inception to full production.


HEADLINE has four signature brands which comprise of a parent—HEADLINE INC, and three subsidiaries. These signature brands include HEADLINE Crypto, HEADLINE Design, and HEADLINE News.

Beyond development of the signature brands, HEADLINE is also heavily invested in several key ventures. These integrated projects include PIPELINE-UI, FORUM, Libra Network, and H-Link. Each brand and related project is critically important to HEADLINE’s long-term strategy.

Parallel Trajectory

Because the majority of HEADLINE’s operations take place in underdeveloped/nascent sectors, it is essential that we build the necessary infrastructure from the ground up. Developing these projects simultaneously will ease the transition period as features come online. For example, HEADLINE’s software-as-a-service arm is geared for enterprise clients, specifically blockchain/cryptocurrency organizations. Three key (macro) project goals are met with HEADLINE’s SAAS business:

  • Obtain immediate funding to support future cost-intensive aims like HEADLINE News operations.
  • Expand userbase for HEADLINE Crypto through DeFi community support—growth-driver across multiple blockchains.
  • Develop open-source codebase that can be integrated with advanced proprietary projects like Libra Network.

The added-value incentives referenced above are just one such example of our operational mesh’s connectivity benefits between HEADLINE projects.