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What’s New?

The HEADLINE INC platform, projects, and site experience are constantly changing and improving. This page lists all major updates, rollouts and release dates. Check back here to learn what HEADLINE is cooking up next.

HEADLINE and Algorand Experience Guide

HEADLINE and Algorand Experience Guide

Our HEADLINE and Algorand Experience Guide is a brief overview of the relationship between HEADLINE INC and the MIT-based pure proof-of-stake blockchain network Algorand. Our relationship exists on multiple fronts. On the backend, we utilize the Algorand blockchain for development of the HDL token, as well as the blockchain of choice to build into our applications. On the frontend, our work with the Algorand Foundation is a point we always emphasize, not only to demonstrate our commitment to decentralized technology, but also because we believe Algorand has the most robust technology and ecosystem of any blockchain.

As our blockchain ambitions grow, so to will our relationship with the foundation. In addition to the frontend, our proximity to the Algorand community has been a huge blessing. Algorand supporters, in general, are tech-savvy, open-minded, and very supportive of projects that emphasize social responsibility and sustainable growth.

18 Aug, 2021

Latest Integrations

Latest Integrations

One of the latest tech stack integrations by HEADLINE is the backend powerhouse Gatsby.JS. Gatsby is a pluggable framework that bridges the gap between a static and responsive website. HEADLINE relies on Gatsby to power the HEADLINE INC website—built with the Gatsby implementation of Carbon Design System. Some of the sites that run on Gatsby.JS include Sendgrid, Digital Ocean, React.JS, Figma, Typescript, and many others. HEADLINE’s implementation of Gatsby includes extensive experimentation with beta release plugins. Our experience with experimental features gives HEADLINE a competitive edge in website design and iteration.

10 Aug, 2021



HEADLINE INC makes enterprise ambitions clear with phase-1 of Ledger partnership. Along with Ledger Live integration, HEADLINE unveils a limited-run Ledger Nano-S hardware wallet with custom HEADLINE/Ledger branding. HEADLINE’s Algorand ASA (HDL) will be fully supported on the custom Ledger hardware wallets. This latest enterprise partnership (HEADLINE x Ledger) by HEADLINE INC further solidifies the startup news platform as a serious force in blockchain development and a leader in the unbiased news industry.

HDL will be the twentieth Algorand Standard Asset available on the state-of-the-art Ledger Live platform. The HEADLINE (HDL) Ledger Live addition is especially significant when taking into account that the last ASAs added to Ledger Live (mega-cap USDC and others) occurred nearly one year ago, in September 2020.

16 July, 2021